A Letter From The Founder

As the scale of resource availability tips less and less in our favor, choices need to be made and technologies implemented that will have a drastic impact on existing operational conditions.

Concepts such as resource management, alternative energy and sustainable solutions must not only become part of our vernacular, but also part of our moral fiber.

Derek Duzoglou – Founder | CEO

Our Mission

As an innovator among green tech engineering companies, D Squared seeks to bring empowering solutions to clients who are looking to establish a sustainable operating footprint.

Our Skills

Our unique ”5 Fold” approach takes clients through a comprehensive program that focuses on sustainability coordination, design engineering and green tech solutions development.

Our Clients

Spanning multiple industries, D Squared works alongside those who are looking to take innovation and sustainability to new heights – municipalities, universities, hospitals and beyond.

Our Services

Through D Squared’s customized engineering platform, we empower successful eco-based tactics to deliver more value to our clients.

 Sustainability Consulting

We work alongside our clients to identify opportunities and develop holistic “greenprints” that instill sustainable principles in the core of their strategy, operations and culture.

Performance Metrics & Analytics

D Squared’s data-driven frameworks strengthen the analytical underpinning of sustainable & resilient actions, so businesses and municipalities can foster smart growth and increase savings.

Project Design & Management

Utilizing our 5 FOLD approach, we design, procure and manage eco-minded projects using best-in-class services & technologies. Each project is custom designed, focusing on cost and carbon savings.

 Smart Growth Management

As growth trends increase, we have the foresight to properly design and plan our daily environments to be more efficient, cost effective and resilient in the face of climate change & economic volatility. 

Renewable Energy Solutions

From microgrid infrastructures to waste-to-energy facilities, our solution platform offers a diverse and efficient method to address renewable energy requirements and bolster cost efficiencies.

Speaking & Eco-Based Training

We are dedicated to providing our clients with real life and intelligible training and speaking – ensuring the most pertinent information is disseminated properly and effectively

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What They Say About Us

We’re fortunate to have worked with fantastic clients from across multiple industries on design, engineering and sustainable development projects.
"D Squared's involvement in our community’s ”green” efforts began six years ago in the Spring of 2012. The company’s founders, Derek & Robert Duzoglou, proposed innovative solutions to the Village of Key Biscayne by designing a progressive process to re-engineer waste streams to produce renewable energy and eco-conscious byproducts. Subsequently, Mr. Duzoglou served as the Chair of our Green Committee, which was charged with developing the comprehensive Sustainability Plan for the Village of Key Biscayne (2013 - 2014). D Squared performed with remarkable awareness and vision, and the Village has subsequently contracted with them as the official Sustainability Consultants for the Village of Key Biscayne. D Squared’s approach to Sustainable Development is compelling and effective. They are a unique team bringing to bear experience across a number of industries (i.e. engineering, construction, business development) – allowing them to analyze individual situations and develop revolutionary solutions that are both innovative and beneficial, while still being feasible."

John C. Gilbert

Village Manager | Village of Key Biscayne

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